The Tiemensmas Photo and Film


The Tiemensmas photo and film are a South African based couple who do photos and films for weddings both in SA and internationally. Their target market is higher end clients who are willing to spend a bit more on their wedding photos and video to get something absolutely breathtaking. The Tiemensmas believe that you deserve to be fully present and have the best experience on your wedding day. They are passionate about capturing + preserving the memories you can’t ever get back, in the most genuine, true to life manner.  

From the moment I received Rene’s enquiry form I knew this project would be absolutely amazing! This was my first time doing full branding and website design for a luxury photo/film business and I was super excited to push the boundaries and create something unique for them.

brand design

To say this brand design was a breeze would be an under statement from the first drafts Rene and Marno were happy with everything and we flew through the design process. We went for a modern font and classic layout for the logo, with two unique monograms.

Primary logo



web design and development

When it came time to design and develop the website, the main goal was to appeal to the higher end clients that could afford to book in with The Tiemensmas. We looked at some examples from high end photographers around the world, sifted through what we did and didn’t like and then started designing from a blank page. The website didn’t change much through the drafts and we had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve and I love the results. A modern interactive website that’s super easy to use and showcases their work in the best way possible.

creating high value, swoon-worthy brands that charge premium prices with confidence

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