The SEVA Collective


The SEVA Collective is a Boutique Leadership Transformation Consultancy with experience in the areas of Leadership, Facilitation and Business Strategy. Sam’s goal was to create a brand that stood out from the sea of cliche looking leadership coaching and development businesses. From the start Sam knew exactly what she wanted for the look of her business and the message she wanted to communicate with potential clients.

Primary Logo



web design and development

Throughout the design process the aim was to keep the website easy to navigate while still appealing to higher end clients and getting SEVA’s brand messaging across. We kept the colours neural and earthy and used images that broke away from the usual cliche array that are used in the leadership industry. Being a very text heavy website was a challenge but we carefully laid out each page so that they didn’t just flow well but read well too without being overwhelming.

Design by Steph The SEVA Collective website

creating high value, swoon-worthy brands that charge premium prices with confidence

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