Lee-Anne Photography


Lee-Anne came to me when she felt stuck with her business, and wanted to change her direction and appeal to higher-end clients both on a national and international scale. Our inspiration for this project was, high luxury, old money, and editorial aesthetics.

brand design

For the branding we decided to go with time-less classic fonts and added a unique monogram and crest to give it an elevated feel. The goal of this branding was to appeal to a completely different target market, to break away from lower priced weddings and move into the luxury sector. This was achieved through creating a brand that stood out on an international level and breaking away from the conventional trends and patterns seen among South African companies.

web design and development

When the branding was complete we needed a website that would convert viewers into clients, to match her unique style of photography we went for a luxury, editorial feel. Lee-Anne needed a space where she could showcase her work while giving clients all the information they needed to make a decision to book in with her. In addition to designing and building her website I also assisted Lee-Anne with curating the copy to match her brand and resonate with her clients.

creating high value, swoon-worthy brands that charge premium prices with confidence

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